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  • Saadia Khatoon,

    "I came to Lahore School of Economics from a small city (Abbottabad) with a dream and a vision in my heart.
    I wanted a Master's degree from one of Pakistan's renowned institute (Lahore Schoolof Economics). I wanted to polish myself enough so that the top employers, the multinationals of Pakistan could hire me.During my time at Lahore School of Economics I increased my knowledge of the management & marketing skills. I also worked along with my studies in Lahore School of Economics Placement's office just to polish my skills and make new contacts in this new city (Lahore). I got hired as Management Trainee (KOT) commercial sales in CCBPL that was the time when all my efforts were paid off.The experience and knowledge I gained from Lahore Schoolof Economics has really helped me a lot through my journey to become a successful young professional at one of Pakistan's leading employer CCBPL".

  • Haaris Habib,

    One of our professor says: "You all join a university just to get a piece of paper (degree)" "When I joined Lahore School of Economics back in 2009, I never thought these would be the most exciting 5 years of a roller coaster ride!
    Now after those 5 years I feel lucky to be a part of an institution which throughout those years helped me learn and stand where I am right now. The toughest part throughout my academic career was to get a job after my MBA. I sat in about five final interviews of major companies, after which I was offered a job from two. But I never wanted to do a job in a company which already had its roots well grown. I always wanted to work in a company which was in it's growing phase. Therefore, I rejected those two offers and joined a smaller company to follow my dreams. At first many criticized me for my decision, but here I would liketo thank my placements office, which encouraged me to follow my dreams rather than follow a higher salary.

    You never know where your luck takes you in life. This is what happened with me. I was associated with an international food chain for about four months, after which I opened a small chain of my own with the name of "The Daily Deli". Many of you may still not be aware of the name but there is always a right time,which I am still waiting for to come! I came in as a student to get a "piece of paper" but I graduated as a proud entrepreneur. For which I would like to thank all my teachers and especially the ones who guided me personally to achieve what I am today"

  • Muaz Sheikh,

    Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn-Benjamin Franklin

    "When I took the start of Bachelors in Lahore School of Economics 6 years ago, I wasn't sure about myself; my capabilities, strengths or even my fortune and as I sat on the bench wearing the graduation cap at my Graduation day, in my heart I felt not much has changed. Then over the course of fifth and final year at Lahore School of Economics going through our MBA program, I grew in practicality, self-belief and eagerness for excellence. Today I am a confident person who believes that's he can compete with anyone from any institution. I credit this change of fortune to the incomparable faculty of Lahore School of Economics MBA for delivering wisdom, wit and experience along side knowledge and then Lahore School of Economics Placements for the irarduous effort in building a striking picture of Lahore Schoolof Economics students in the corporate world. Where I stand today is in large part attributed to the counseling we profusely received from instructors and Placements office all the way from 'how do we walk' to 'what should we talk'. I will always cherish my 5 years in Lahore School of Economics"

  • Alia Haider,

    For the past five years, I had been the part of Lahore School of Economics and I feel Lahore School offered me the best opportunity for personal development, community interaction and skill building .It gave me the freedom to think, to express myself and to succeed. Lahore School of Economics equipped me with the requisite skill set to compete with other graduates in the market and helped me in getting placed at an MNC even before I graduated. Here, I met very helpful and friendly people; from colleagues to instructors. And today whoever I am, I owe this to this very institution. It is like a second home to me.

    Lahore School of Economics equipped me with the requisite skill set to compete with other graduates in the market and helped me in getting placed at an MNC even before I graduated.

  • Ali Haider,

    I was a professional with 2 years of experience when I joined Lahore School of Economics MBA program. My expectations were very low as to how can a professional degree such as MBA add value other than just a stamp on my CV. I was so wrong. MBA was a life changing experience for me. Not only had I learned professionalism but my attitude and behavior molded professionally. I was transformed. The learning experience during this program was fantastic. The professional exposure I received here is incomparable and 100% practical. I never expected that I would get chance to talk to most successful CEOs of this country, one on one, in my classroom. Before appearing for my final examination in July, I had 4 job offers from top companies of Pakistan.